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Fly Sheets for Horses

Fly Sheets

We researched all the fly sheets and chose our favorite fly sheets to protect your horse. Comfort, toughness and effectiveness in fly protection were our three main criteria.

rambo fly sheet

Pony Fly Sheets

Hard to find quality fly sheets in pony sizes? We have quality fly sheets and masks to protect your pony from irritating flies and insects this summer.

rambo horse blankets

  • Saratoga Summer Turnout
    A popular choice in fly sheets for pony. Stocked down to size 62. Rated the best summer turnout by John Lyons Perfect Horse.
  • Amigo Pony Bug Rug
    Horseware's Amigo fly sheet. Includes a removable neck cover to provide full fly protection.
  • Rambo Protector
    Full fly protection. One of the softest, most durable fly sheets out there. Stocked down to size 66. Special order available down to size 60.
  • Amigo Bug Buster Protector
    Revolutionary product by Horseware! Fly sheet infused with Insect Repellent.
  • Weatherbeeta Pony Fly Sheet

Fly Masks

Looking at fly sheets? Also consider a fly mask to protect your horse's eyes and face from annoying flies and gnats. Fly masks are available with and without ears, whichever suits your horse or pony best!

fly mask

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