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"Sustainability is a journey, not a destination"

Here at netEquestrian, we are constantly striving to do better. In an effort to reduce our waste and footprint, we are constantly implementing new steps towards creating a cleaner, safer environment for our ourselves, our customers, our families and future generations.

Some practices we have implemented thus far:

  • All office-related paper products (paper towel, toilet paper, copy paper, etc.) are made of recycled content (30%-100%).
  • All shipping-related paper products (cardboard boxes, packing paper, etc.) are made from partially recycled content.
  • We recycle all glass, plastic, foil, paper and cardboard.
  • We have chosen not to do a print catalog in an effort to be green.
  • We re-use packing material from incoming shipments. If you receive a shipment with varying packing materials, this is why.
  • We will not purchase packing materials that are not biodegradable.
  • Our printer cartriges are re-filled with ink and recycled appropriately.
  • Cleansers and chemicals used in-house are environmentally sound and safe.
  • We have eliminated all extraneous plastic use in our warehouse. When plastic must be used, we ensure it is biodegradable whenever possible. For instance, instead of using our former plastic bags to ship invoices in, we have replaced them with raffia ties (They look very pretty and create 1/32 the waste, all of which is biodegradable!)
  • Light bulbs are being replaced with energy-efficient bulbs.
  • Our buyers support eco-friendly manufacturers whenever possible to ensure we offer their products for sale on our website.
This is only the beginning and as we grow as a business we constantly learn and strive to do what is right. As we implement new practices, we'll let you know. Thank you for being such great customers and friends!


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