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Horse Show Award Program

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netEquestrian has offered an Award Program to introduce our company to many horse show competitors. Certificates are valid to be redeemed for the amount listed on the certificate. However, all certificates were donated to horse show managers, and thus, do operate with some restrictions on their usage. The main restriction is that only 1 certificate may be used per order on the netEquestrian website, or per visit to the netEquestrian retail store. The second restriction is that one certificate is to be given out to the winner of each class at each participating horse show. Volunteers at each horse show are also eligible to receive 1 certificate each per show. These certificates are not transferable. They must be redeemed by the recipient (the winner of the class, or the owner of the horse who won the class, or the horse show volunteer). The third restriction is that certificates must be used before the expiration date on the certificate. If the expiration date on the certificate lists 12/31/08, the certificate must be used by 12/30/08 at 12:00AM and is no longer valid on 12/31/08.


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