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When we say free horse classifieds, we mean free horse classifieds!

Our free horse classifieds are...

  • Free to Browse
  • Free to Post
  • Free Images
  • Free Forever - leave it up until it sells
  • Free to Contact Sellers
  • Free to Reply to Buyers
  • Feel free to spread the word!

Some supposedly free horse classifieds you might have seen will let you post for free, but then charge buyers to contact you or worse, make you pay to reply to interested buyers! But we're providing a free service and just want to bring potential customers to our online store, so we don't need to play those games.

Our free horse classifieds are so free that we won't even take money if you try to give it to us. There are no hidden fees, no up-sells, and no nonsense. Just free horse classifieds!


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