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Oakcroft Trunks Quality Construction

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Oakcroft Trunks, Quality Construction

A. All weight bearing joints are screwed, doweled, glued and stapled. Translation: really strong�ask any woodworker! Many of �the other guys� only glue and staple. Tut. Tut.

B. Interior features a smooth, clear coat of our same tough exterior finish that means easy clean up of spills and dirt.

C. Back of trunk fully finished and sealed as are the top and sides.

D. Our unique trunk base design suspends trunk floor above damp ground -- also sealed, to further thwart moisture damage.

E. Solid hardwood trim throughout.

F. Hand applied stain topped by three coats of industrial strength marine spar finish.

G. Hardware in either bright stainless steel or polished brass. Brass trim lacquered for additional protection

H. Our .2 gauge stainless steel trim is thicker and heavier than the industry standard, therefore it resists dings and buckles.

I. Cabinet grade hardwood panels are lightweight yet incredibly strong. Take it from those of us who know�lighter is better on moving day.

J. Safety lid support keeps heavy lid in place �- a real plus when you are retrieving that little hoofpick you know is at the bottom.

K. Shelf supports (little ledge that your interior tray and tote rest on inside the trunk) are installed to prevent their collapsing over time. This is a common problem on �the other guys�� trunks when they age.

L. Castor wheels, an additional option, are large and tough, made to roll easily over uneven surfaces -- the next best thing to your own personal groom.


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